Mars Fruit Baskets and Gift Baskets are thoughtful gifts to suit your special occasion.

Friends and relatives will appreciate these beautiful arrangements, each wrapped in cellophane, and decorated with a bow

Fruit Baskets

Available in small, medium or large. Only the finest assortment of fresh fruits will be "picked" for our baskets!

Snack & Goodie Basket

Take one along to your buddy’s house for cards or the game on tv.

Snack to your heart's delight!

Sweet Tooth Basket

Satisfy any chocolate lover's sweet tooth! Everyone will LOVE these great "familiar" treats!

Italian Delights Basket

Includes your favorite pasta, sauces, cheese and more!
Available in regular or large size baskets.

Mars Gift Cards

Always welcome...
Always in good taste.
You decide the amount.
We activate it at the register.

Fruit & Gift Baskets

 (order in the produce department)

Fresh Fruit Baskets

Filled with Fresh Seasonal Fruit





Assorted Filled Gift Baskets

    Regular Italian Delight Basket


    Large Italian Delight Basket


    Snack & Goodie Basket


    Sweet Tooth Basket


    Get Well Basket


    Pamper Me Basket