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Donation Info

Mars is a proud supporter of the communities we serve and accepts donation requests throughout the year with a five-week review cycle.

Please consider our Company's principal areas of interest when making a request:

  • Youth education
  • Youth athletics and recreation
  • Research and treatment of childhood disease
  • Hunger in the communities we serve
  • Local non-profit organizations with similar interests

We do not donate to individuals

All requests must be made in writing on your organization's letterhead and mailed to the
address below.

We do not accept emails or faxes, and we must receive your request at least five weeks
prior to your event.

Please include the following information:

  • An overview of your organization, including non-profit status and tax exempt number.
  • Name, phone number and email address of the contact person for your organization. (include a mailing address if different from letterhead).
  • Brief description of the project/event for which you are making the request, including the date and the expected attendance.
  • Sponsorship requests should include the funding amount for each level of sponsorship, and the benefits associated with each level of sponsorship.
  • Ad requests should include: page size, ad sizes and prices, electronic file formats accepted, black and white or color specification.
  • In-kind donation and gift certificate requests should be as specific as possible.

Mail to:
Mars Super Markets, Inc.
Karen Morales/Community Support
9627 Philadelphia Road, Suite 100
Baltimore, MD 21237

Requests must be received at least five weeks prior to your event, and our response will be mailed two weeks before your event.
If you have any questions about your donation request, please call Karen Morales at 410-590-0500.